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Pasquale Martinelli

“Every meal is living history. Learn that history and you can master fine cuisine.”
Born and raised a farmer’s son in Mola di Bari, Pasquale Martinelli, our executive chef at Alloro, was surrounded by fishermen, farmers, and generations of food artisans for his entire life. He quickly took note of their passion for quality, carefully curated excellence, and the healthy, delicious, and sustainable meals that resulted from their efforts.
When founding Alloro, those notes proved advantageous and invaluable. Alloro’s preparation and cooking methods are deeply-rooted in the generational traditions of Puglia, the standard Mediterranean diet, and wisdom earned from Pasquale’s youthful days as a farmer’s son. As a personal chef, Pasquale has spent a quarter-century sharing his culinary philosophy and crafting beautiful meals from the finest ingredients available.
New York Personal Chef
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Pasquale’s story

Over the Years

Mola di Bari, Puglia, Italy

Chef Pasquale Martinelli was born and raised in Mola di Bari, a small township and comune located in Puglia, Italy. Growing up, Pasquale found himself surrounded by farmers, fisherman, and home cooks that taught him the value of a meal well done.

Learning to Farm

Though the Marinelli’s couldn’t afford their own property, Mr. Martinelli arranged for their small family to farm a quaint portion of land along the Adriatic Sea. The nearby river allowed Pasquale to gain first hand experience, learning how to plant seasonal vegetables (most notably, Cento-tomatoes. Also known as “Pomodori de La Penna”). Mrs. Martinelli would often sell the full-grown crops to neighbors throughout the community from the steps of Pasquale’s childhood home.

Moved to United Kingdom

When old enough to attend university, Pasquale graduated from Ispar in Castellana Grotte, the Hotel & Culinary Institute at the IPSSAR “Armando Perotti” (Bari), and IPSSEOA “Consuls Pinto” (Castellana Grotte, BA) in 1990. With the knowledge and ambition to succeed, Pasquale ventured far away from home to the United Kingdom.

Moved to Milan and Worked for Various Fine Dining Restaurant Groups

In his first experience abroad, Pasquale was hired to work for “Forte Hotels” and served in private events for the Royal Family and other prestigious guests. After which, Pasquale moved to Milan and explored a variety of culinary opportunities that included culinary work for Denti, Princess Cruises, Jean George and Alain Ducasse.

Moved to New York City and Worked in Several Upscale Restaurants

Once in New York City, Pasquale caught the big-city bug and partnered with several internationally renowned NYC-chefs (that include Alain Ducasse at Manhattan’s prestigious Benoit and Jean Vongericten’s Steakhouse).

Furthered Knowledge of Nutritional Science

During this time Pasquale also obtained certifications in “Nutrition Science” from Stanford University in California, an MA for “Lifestyle Medicine: Nutrition and the Metabolic Syndrome” from Harvard University, “Whole Food Plant Based Diet” at Cornell University and “Science of Gastronomy” at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Expanded Experience at Michelin-star Restaurants

While honing his culinary skills, Pasquale also developed menus and oversaw the operations of several Michelin-star standard establishments. These experiences would serve as precursors for Pasquale’s future culinary ambitions.

The Martha Stewart Show & Launch of Alloro Private Dining

After a tour as chef for Bella Vitae Restaurants, Pasquale found himself in the limelight with a featured spot on The Martha Stewart Show. This incredible opportunity proved fruitful and Pasquale leveraged the exposure to launch his own private chef and hospitality company–Alloro Private Dining.

Ode to Bread

Bread has long been a humbly divine staple of the ideal Italian diet. For generations, bread has signified unity, connection, and a pure celebration of life for Puglians and others all over the globe. The beautifully simple mix of carefully grown wheat, water, and mother yeast, expertly kneaded together to create that alluring warmth and decadent flavor we crave is simply irreplaceable. Much like our ancestors, we continue to honor Puglian traditions by practicing the disciplines that produce deliciously excellent food on every plate. Make your reservation today to break bread with us and and enjoy a true celebration of beauty, passion, and flavor.