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How It Works

Alloro guests receive white-glove treatment from their first inquiry to their last bite, and beyond. Our goal is to provide unforgettable private dining experiences and transcendent meals inspired by Puglian-Italian excellence and tradition. We happily cater to special requests, food sensitivities, and locale preferences.


Initial Consultation

After booking, Chef Pasquale will schedule a personal call with you and/or your event organizers for a general food orientation.This call gives Chef Pasquale an opportunity to take special requests, attain specific details, provide clarity and transparency, and ensure your menu provides an authentic Puglian-Italian experience.


Locale Detail

We proudly provide our services for corporate events, mid-sized venues, private dining experiences, and luxurious travel destinations. During this step, we’ll ask for the address of your event location as well as relevant information regarding access and/or required credentials. This information is also used to plan a unique, memorable, immersive, and once in a lifetime dining experience.


Menu Customization

We design unique culinary experiences around in-season crops, traditional Italian recipes, as well as client preferences and food sensitivities. Due to this, our menus are not predetermined. However, we work closely with our clients to ensure a conscientiously modified menu. Once reviewed and approved, we set about acquiring the necessary ingredients for your event or occasion.
Chef Pasquale has built many vital, direct relationships with local farmers, manufacturers, and distributors to ensure the highest-quality ingredients available are used. Additionally, Pasquale handpicks all produce used and imports special ingredients (such as olive oil and artisan flours) directly from Puglia, Italy. Our ingredients are all carefully selected to create the most authentic tastes and experiences.


Event Preparation

Our team is carefully curated with some of the finest in the hospitality industry. These crucial team members provide kitchen and guest support, while ensuring your event proceeds smoothly.
The team arrives at least 3 hours prior to your event for meal prep. During this time, we’ll prepare the majority of your custom menu from scratch.


Meal Time

As your guests arrive, we’ll indulge them with a variety of hors d’oeuvres, from seasonal vegetables to fish and legumes, while the kitchen team makes fresh bread and pasta from scratch. This is a process we even invite guests to share and participate in. At the end of your meal, you and your guests will feel full, pampered, and as if you’ve been transported to the majestic motherland.
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