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Puglian Cuisine

Private dining experiences in New York City and the metropolitan area

Every Meal Is a Story of Passion, Devotion & Care for Detail

Alloro is a personal chef & hospitality company based in New York City. Known as the tree of art, Alloro or bay trees create beautiful leaves all year long. The deep green color of the leaves is symbolic of courage, hope, and belief in self. In ancient Rome, it was seen as a sign of victory and still today a crown of Alloro is placed upon the heads of all of Italy’s college graduates as the highest honor.
Reserve a uniquely Italian dining experience that reflects the authentic hospitality and culinary journey reminiscent of a genuine home-cooked meal in a traditional trullo along the narrow cobblestone streets of Puglia, Italy.

Meet the Chef

“To truly embrace any food, dish, or dinner experience, you must first focus on ingredients and then, your technique and presentation.”
Born and raised in Mola di Bari, in the southern region of Puglia, Italy. Son of farmers, he grew up knowing the best organic products and with great values. As a private chef, Pasquale’s life’s mission is to share his treasured native region of Puglia and the long-forgotten, centuries-old recipes of Southern Italy with you.
As a food and hospitality artisan, Pasquale has spent the last 22 years emphasizing the importance of his country’s traditional Mediterranean diet’s health benefits – from its rich organic and bio-agriculture and wild and sustainable fishing to the farmers’ respect for the land and its seasons.
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Chef Pasquale is passionate about cooking, the origins and history of food and especially about hospitality, He cares deeply about ensuring that the hosts and all the guests thoroughly enjoy the experience he helps to create. Every detail is carefully planned and executed. Chef Pasquale brings his knowledge and expertise to your dining event by sharing personal stories from his life in Puglia to how dishes originated and how they have evolved. All around a great experience!

– D.G.

We recently hired Chef Pasquale to cater a meal at our home in Connecticut. The meal was fantastic and the chef took the time to explain all the ingredients and dishes to our guests. It was truly a wonderful evening and one that we will not forget! We would highly recommend Alloro and Chef Pasquale. He is very personable and passionate about food!

– A.P.

Bringing Authentic Italian Flavor & Flair to New York City

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